Installing Your New Decals:

The wet method is recommended on decals larger than

10" in size, when you are not a seasoned pro and when complicated shapes are involved.   In general, it is much more forgiving and is recommended for most humans.


  1. Lay decal down onto a hard surface and run the squeegee over entire decal.

  2. Be sure that the surface is clean and free from residue. Use application fluid (do not use Windex)! Find center of decal and hold the decal in desired location, then use blue painters tape to secure.

  3. Start separating the decal at one corner and pull it back slowly.

  4. Next you will use your wet application fluid from Vinyl Customz Installation kit to wet the surface.

  5. Lay the decal onto surface and work out water with plastic squeegee and dry excess liquid with a soft cloth or paper towel. Squeegee the decal from top to bottom beginning at the center. Rub from center to right and from center to left overlapping. Be sure that outer edges of decal are rubbed down smoothly, and all liquid is forced out. This is essential for proper adhesion. Let sit for 5 minutes before carefully removing transfer paper ensuring decal is adhering to surface.


Decal must dry out for 24-48 hours before adhesion is complete.

NO car washes for 3-5 days. 


Installation video available at

Purchase Professional Installation Kit Here:



  1. Apply out of Direct Sunlight​

  2. Clean surface thoroughly with mild soap and water (do not use windex)​

  3. Place decal on a hard smooth surface face up and rub over the decal with a credit card or squeegee firmly.​

  4. SLOWLY Peel off the backing away from the installation tape, if any part of the decal remains attached to the installation tape as you are peeling it away lay the tape back down on to the backing and firmly re-rub over the decal with a credit card or squeegee.  Once decal is removed from the backing paper move on to next step.​

  5. Place the decal on the glass or other smooth surface where you want it to stick.​

  6. Run over the installation tape with a credit card or Squeegee working out any bubbles that may have formed while placing the decal on the surface.​

  7. Wait a minute or two to let the adhesive bond​

  8. Slowly peel off the installation tape pulling gently at a angle.  (if the decal tries to stay attached to the installation tape lay the tape back down and apply heavy pressure using a credit card or squeegee}​

  9. Wait a few days before washing the vehicle to allow time for a good bond.  DO NOT POWER WASH​

  10. To remove in the future, heat slightly with a hair dryer and peel.​

  11. Decals are not designed to be left rolled for long periods of time.  Please install your decals as quickly as possible to prevent wrinkles that may occur in the shipping process.

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